Assalaamu Alaikum

About Us

The idea for Halal Away started while planning a holiday to India searching for a guided tour to visit the Golden Triangle. While trawling through the numerous tours on offer I came across one particular tour that included Halal food. Shocked that this was even possible I immediately googled 'Golden triangle tour halal food' which brought up a whole page of Muslim friendly tours. From there it lead me to learn about the growing demand for Halal tourism by Muslim travellers and that travelling is possible as a Muslim.


Just like me you've probably spent hours online searching and struggling to find the right tour with a trustworthy company and reviews by previous travellers. If you are the type of person that loves to do thorough research before booking anything then you can relate to me when I wished for an easier way to search for Muslim friendly tours and activities at destinations around the world. This was when I had the lightbulb moment to create a website myself. Excited about the potential of Halal Away yet unsure as to whether my idea would work I decided to take the leap and embark on the journey to turn this idea into a reality.


The idea for a website soon became the concept of an online marketplace where Halal Away connects local Hosts directly with Muslim travel enthusiasts to create a fun and memorable experience. Understanding that not all Muslim travellers are the same and do not have the same needs, expectations or priorities my aim is for Halal Away to be a platform to suit each type of Muslim traveller whether you're a solo or foodie traveller or an adventure seeker.




As an avid Aussie traveller, foodie and a revert to Islam it made me consider how the way I travelled has now changed with the type of food I can eat and the need to pray Salah amongst other things. Not wanting to compromise my faith while on holiday I wanted to create a platform to inspire other Muslims to travel and explore the world while having the option to continue to practice our faith. As a Muslim I desire to travel and see the world like any other person and not miss out on experiencing the local culture and food. Our Mission at Halal Away is to not only encourage Muslims to see the beauty of what Allah has created but to also strengthen and promote Islamic values, beliefs and identity through travel. Let Halal Away inspire you to discover destinations you've never considered before and to learn about Islamic history throughout parts of the world.




Since becoming Muslim travelling to me is much more than just ticking off a list of cities and countries that everyone else has been to. I want a travel experience that enables me to learn about the history of Islam and connect with my Islamic values though social and spiritual means and to also meet other Muslims and communities and have a cultural exchange with them. Our vision for Halal Away is to be more than a Muslim travel website but for it to be a community that connect Muslims and non-Muslims around to the world with the hope to learn more about each other and spread the true teachings of Islam.

A verse from the Holy Quran:

O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted. (Surah Al-Hujurat 49:13)


Integrity and Honesty: We ensure our host are open, honest, ethical and adhere to the faith based needs of our Muslim travellers.

Cultural Awareness: We constantly encourage cultural awareness of different backgrounds and embrace diversity.

Sustainable tourism: We believe in traveling and exploring a destination while respecting its local culture, environment, and people by leaving a positive impact.

Exceptional Customer Experience: We strive for our customers and Hosts to have the best customer experience by allowing Travellers to connect with Hosts throughout their journey to give a more personal approach and leave a lasting positive experience.

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